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Student Healing Sessions

Enjoy the Resonance of a Student Healing Session

A student healing session allows you to experience both a personalized Love Energetics treatment and take advantage of the resonance effects of the students and staff being in their quantum Heart connection at the same time, which is extremely powerful and facilitates profound transformations. Healing sessions are carried out by one of our therapists-in-training as part of the certification process (for Level 1 and 2) under the guidance of a Love Energetics coach. 

If you have never experienced Love Energetics before, a student treatment is an ideal introduction to an impressive technique in an intense setting that can transform how you view healing and health. Love Energetics is an energy therapy that instigates a shift in consciousness using the quantum field through the Heart. Love Energetics: 

  • Awakens and accelerates your self-healing capabilities;
  • Reduces the frequency of lower-vibrational thoughts; 
  • Improves the ability to take care of yourself; 
  • Enhances well-being; and
  • Augments the feeling of peace. 

Student practice days provide the perfect opportunity to meet and interact with the Love Energetics community—through the therapists-in-training, coaches and the founder of Love Energetics. If you are interested in becoming a Love Energetics therapist yourself, please feel free to walk in and talk to students and staff. 

Level 1 Student Healing Session (addressing wellness and health issues)

Experience the power of the quantum Heart connection for healing and well-being with a Level 1 treatment for general health. The benefits and transformation will amaze you.

Level 2 Student Healing Session
(Kundalini healing)

If your Kundalini is active and you know either through the Foundation Workshop or a Kundalini test with a Love Energetics Certified Practitioner, book a student healing session to enjoy the benefits of a Love Energetics Kundalini treatment in expanding your consciousness.