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Scientific Approach

What is Our Scientific Approach?

The School of Love Energetics’ approach to scientific research is to analyze the results of the significant improvements frequently observed in the symptoms of clients who have placed their trust in us, as objectively as possible

We rely on a rigorous scientific approach and use applications that are recognized as the most successful in the field of health and that have repeatedly demonstrated their reliability.

Among the significant applications already tested are:

  • Postural analysis by computer
  • Live blood imaging before and after a session
  • Thermography
  • Biofeedback Analysis

While we are committed to continuing measuring the benefits of Love Energetics treatments on health and well-being, today we also wish to instigate collaborative approaches with researchers, physicians and the scientific community that conduct research in the field of quantum therapy and human consciousness.

Recently we have used a new quantum measuring device, several times during training, which revealed significant changes in the quantum activity of the training room. We intend to continue this measurement process, gather repeating results, make them tangible and identify factors that explain the significant observed changes in quantum activity. 

We are open to collaborations and voluntary initiatives for specific projects; whether your field of expertise is medicine, research or science, if you have an interest in deepening your knowledge in quantum therapy and human consciousness, do not hesitate to contact us to share your motivations and expertise that may be beneficial to the research and advancement of the Love Energetics therapy, while simultaneously enriching your professional and personal knowledge.