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The Technique

Discover the Heart

Love Energetics is a ground-breaking natural healing technique that facilitates the release of internal energy blockages and enhances the self-healing capabilities of the human body. The technique is defined as being a quantum therapy* in the sense that it does not act directly on matter to promote well-being, but rather on the energetic and informational systems of the human body.

(*) According the website (French source) quantum therapy is defined as following:
“Quantum healing” or “quantum medicine” engages us to look at our life, health and diseases in a different way: our bodies are no longer an assembly of organs to be treated individually, as in conventional medicine, it is a vibratory, energetic field consisting of billions of light particles—photons—that constantly exchange information; a luminous universe in which spirit and matter are one. The key idea being: it is not the biochemical exchanges of our cells that determine our state of health, but rather the information they communicate to each other. As such, diseases are not purely a biological problem but a default in information; symptoms are a result of this miscommunication.

At the centre of this quantum therapy is the most powerful force in the universe: Love in its most sacred qualities.

The Heart is the key to accessing a more harmonious state. The advantage of Love Energetics is its simplicity and extraordinary effectiveness. Connecting to the quantum Heart, as taught in the Love Energetics technique, allows us to generate healing and transformations that are simultaneously swift, deep and lasting.

While many traditional approaches to healing rely on the principles of resonance and frequency harmonization, with Love Energetics changes happen instantly and in a manner that is particular to each person’s healing process. The quantum Heart connection works directly with the body’s information field and energetic systems. Love Energetics healing sessions makes it simple to integrate, with ease and grace, well-being and harmony into daily life.


The consistent benefits that this technique provides at all levels never cease to amaze people.