Mission, Vision and Values - Bienvenue sur Love Energetics  

Mission, Vision and Values

Transforming the World One Heart at a Time

The School of Love Energetics provides heart-based consciousness tools enabling everyone to connect to the innate healing power of the Heart, so that together we can create a more harmonious world.

We develop innovative and engaging knowledge, practical and simple tools and effective training services to accelerate individual and collective healing. The Love Energetics technique is an accessible approach for anyone who wants to start thinking, and ultimately acting, in ways that unites us to ourselves and others – sometimes called Unity Consciousness.

We invite anyone who feels this call of the Heart to connect with us to learn more about our powerful consciousness and healing tools.

Our vision is for quantum therapy to be widely accepted and recognized as a pertinent mode for healing as well as shifting consciousness and for the Love Energetics technique to be one of the leading quantum therapies and consciousness modalities used worldwide. Our vocation is to raise individual and global consciousness through the use of the Love Energetics technique and to bring together people who are interested in heart-based consciousness tools.

We accomplish our mission by: 

  • Proposing a clear, simple and accessible approach that gives everyone the means to increase their self-healing abilities and access unity consciousness;
  • Profoundly transforming lives by maximizing each person’s potential through the balance of body, mind and soul to experience a return to the state of unity;
  • Developing comprehensive and accessible learning activities and training programs that add value to the topics of health and well-being for anyone likely to be interested and offering these in-person as well as online through seminars, conferences, books, articles, interviews, videos or podcasts; and
  • Growing a community that is educated and aware, accessible and accountable, composed of consciousness leaders who choose to practice Love Energetics and prioritize the promotion of sustainable well-being and awakening consciousness.

Our values encompass the following:

  • Providing clear, honest and transparent communication and being attentive to our clients, with humility and an open heart;
  • Ensuring an optimal learning environment that is empathic, open, non-judgmental and offers the student a sense of security and reliability; it operates on the basis of the highest international standards of transformational behaviour and practice;
  • Embodying and reflecting the sacred character of each living being through our actions and fully recognizing its divine dimension;
  • Respecting each person’s free will in the choice of his or her journey of learning and personal truth, spiritual connection, awakening of consciousness and healing; and
  • Recognizing that the infinite nature of the universe and the unlimited potential of non-energy invites new discoveries and continuous expansion of human knowledge.

The School of Love Energetics is committed to promoting quantum therapy as a means of enhancing the quality of life of individuals and our collective community.