Discovery Day - Bienvenue sur Love Energetics  

Discovery Day

Activate your Quantum Heart Connection

Discover Day is all about immersing yourself in the powerful healing modality of Love Energetics. No matter what stage of life you are at, Love Energetics provides profound healing in a very short time frame.  The Love Energetics technique can help you to:

  • Decrease stress levels;
  • Relieve or release physical pain;
  • Release repressed emotions;
  • Increase the sense of inner calm and peace; and
  • Enhance the body-mind’s natural self-healing processes.

The Love Energetics approach to quantum healing and transformation is open to anyone who wants to take control of their life, discover their natural healing abilities and/or simply wants to heal specific issues. 

The nature of the Love Energetics modality is that each person sets his or her own speed of transformation based on their abilities to integrate the healing intentions directed to them. The more time you spend emerged in your quantum Heart connection the faster and more profound the change. The quantum Heart connection as used by the Love Energetics modality helps you to:

  • Better deal with physical and emotional pains;
  • Integrate the lifestyle and other changes you desire; and
  • Improve your personal, family and professional relationships.

What you Learn 

In this full-day workshop, conducted by founder Yvon Dubé and his team of qualified coaches, you will open up to the full potential of your sacred nature and:
  • Understand the underlying concepts of the Love Energetics technique and how to transform your life using the quantum power of the Heart;
  • Experience a Love Energetics healing session with certified Love Energetics practitioners;
  • Learn how to connect to your quantum Heart field;
  • Learn to apply this healing process to manifesting your desires; and
  • Practice manifesting in-class.
Discover – Experiment – Learn – Apply

Rate : $125 / €125*

all taxes included in Europe

Discovery Day Timeline


8:30 am


Participant reception:

Meet Yvon Dubé, the coaches and other students.

Note: The larger the group, the greater the resonance and healing effects on everyone.

9:00 am


Module 1:

  • Explanation of the principles supporting the Love Energetics technique
  • Love Energetics healing demonstrations with class participants

10:30 am

Tea break

10:45 am

Module 1 continued:

  • Experience Love Energetics healing either with a therapist or during a group-healing session.

Noon to 1:30 pm

Lunch break

1:30 pm


Module 1 continued: Apply and integrate the steps necessary to begin the quantum healing process for yourself and for others.

  • Learn how to use the quantum heart field in a simple healing process
  • Practice session with class participants
  • Self-healing practice session

2:30 pm

Tea break:

2:45 pm

Module 2 Manifesting your Heart’s Deepest Aspirations

Explanation of the Love Energetics manifestation protocol.  Understand how emotional blockages and unconsciousness conditioning can hinder the manifestation process. Learn how to:  

  • Recognize what you really want
  • Attract your deepest aspirations
  • Release your emotional blockages to align yourself with your desires
  • Apply the Love Energetics manifestation protocol
  • Manifestation exercises practice sessions

4:30 pm to 5.00 pm

Conclusion and sharing