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The School of Love Energetics from Birth to Today

It was at the end of the 1990s that Yvon Dubé, founder of Love Energetics, during a rather scientific career in Information Technology rediscovered his beginnings and reconnected with energy healing, allowing his natural capacities from childhood to emerge. 

Today as an intuitive healer, certified naturopath and energy healing trainer, this call to Heart has led him to study a wide range of energy healing approaches including, among others, traditional Chinese medicine, healing work with “Qi”, emotional liberation, quantum therapy and approaches to the expansion of consciousness.  

In 2008 during a meditation session he experienced a spontaneous Heart opening. Six months later he discovered the Love Energetics technique while working with a client whose sciatica nerve was stuck. By letting go and connecting intuitively to his quantum Heart he managed to release the client’s sciatica issue completely. Yvon immediately put this quantum Heart connection into practice with all his clients with equally extraordinary results. 

Within a few months Yvon was able to define and formalize his newfound healing connection and decided to develop a methodology to go with it. In 2010 he began to formally train people on how to use the quantum Heart connection and a comprehensive healing protocol to heal themselves and others—and Love Energetics was born.

Kundalini work came about naturally when Yvon started providing Love Energetics workshops.  He was surprised with the number of spontaneous Kundalini awakenings during his Love Energetics training activities. This had not happened during other workshops, whether Qi or any other energy healing technique. After observing numerous Kundalini cases, Yvon concluded that the quantum Heart connection as well as the Love Energetics protocol were operating synergistically to awaken Kundalini quickly and easily.

The book “The Love Energetics Technique” (currently available in French only) by Yvon Dubé is the result of the knowledge acquired by working with thousands of Kundalini cases. It explains a specific protocol using the quantum Heart connection to enhance the Kundalini healing process. The book, published in 2015, has become a reference for anyone interested in the Kundalini phenomenon and who wants to have a better understanding of it. 

The year 2016 marks the certification and recognition of Love Energetics as a school. This new status allows participants to take advantage of a training tax credits in Canada. 

The school now has more than 100 certified therapists in Canada and Europe and nearly 2,000 people have completed basic training. 

Currently the school is focusing on expanding Love Energetics in different French and English speaking markets, whether in-person training or through web-based learning materials. 

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