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Group Healing Sessions

Let the Power of a Love Energetics Group Healing Session Transform You 

A Love Energetics group healing session will enable you to relax, release and  open up to new possibilities. The Love Energetics technique engages the quantum Heart field to release stuck energies, which creates profound shifts in your current challenges (ex. physical, emotional, mental and spiritual).

In a group healing session you will receive the benefits of a full Love Energetics treatment, including:

  • Posture adjustments without physical manipulation, nor pain;
  • Release of energy blockages in various areas of your body;
  • Relief or release from physical and emotional pain, or both.

If you have never experienced Love Energetics healing before, a group healing session is a wonderful opportunity to begin to understand the power of this technique and experience real-time transformations in yourself.

You may feel calmer, emotionally uplifted, relieved from tensions and pain and keener to understand more on this powerful healing technique. A group healing session is a good introduction to the multifaceted nature of quantum healing and it’s ability to transform how you view healing.

As we become heart-centred, we transform our world. Thus, we can collectively contribute to forming a brighter and more conscious future.
– Yvon Dubé, founder of Love Energetics –

Engaging the quantum power of the Heart for healing is such a profound tool that a Love Energetics practitioner can work on multiple people at once. For Love Energetics, seeing is believing, so come with your friends and family to experience deep healing in a group setting, where you can be one with the audience.

A Group Healing Session Timeline

  • Participant Reception 
    Participants are welcomed into the room and can exchange information and converse with practitioners, staff and the inventor. We encourage you to ask questions and share information with as many people as you choose. Please find a comfortable seat, either a chair or bring your own yoga mat, 5 minutes prior to the start of the event. 
  • Introduction to Love Energetics 
    Inventor and founder, Yvon Dube, will take us on a short journey of the history of Love Energetics. He will present the basics of the Love Energetics healing modality as well as general information about the quantum power of the Heart for healing. 
  • Group Treatment (Level 1 General Healing Session)
    Yvon Dube will guide us through each step of the Love Energetics Level 1 Treatment Protocol, providing explanations and examples using participants. As we move through each step of the protocol, all participants will simultaneously receive healing as they are learning and witnessing. 
  • Sharing and Conclusion 
    All participants are welcomed to share their experience, changes, insights and feelings. The moderator will answer all questions and conclude the event.