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Introductory Training

Love Energetics includes two levels of introductory training workshops, three days each—Foundation and Kundalini. Both workshops teach a number of theoretical concepts relevant to the technique as well as provide practice sessions. Workshops are conducted by Yvon Dubé, founder of Love Energetics, with the support of his team of coaches.

On the first morning of the Foundation Workshop, you will learn to activate the quantum Heart field and throughout the rest of the workshop you will apply this connection through the application of a comprehensive healing protocol. As you exercise your quantum Heart connection and apply the protocol you will witness numerous energetic releases within yourself and others in the class. Many will experience an awakening of Kundalini energy (dormant energy at the base of the spine) and choose to move onto the Kundalini workshop.

The Foundation Workshop is a pre-requisite for the Kundalini Workshop. All of the knowledge and techniques gained in the Foundation Workshop will be applied in working with Kundalini in the second level workshop. It not required that you have an awakened Kundalini to take the second-level workshop.

In the Kundalini Workshop you will cultivate a greater understanding of what Kundalini energy is and how to manage its circulation through a specific Level 2 protocol. This includes techniques that cultivate awakening and energy circulation in the chakras, leading to the expansion of our centers of consciousness (chakras) as well as other energy centers throughout the body.

The advanced techniques taught in the Foundation and Kundalini Workshops offer quick and efficient benefits for releasing energy blockages and increasing energy circulation in yourself and in others.

Foundation Workshop

In our introductory Love Energetics Foundation workshop, you will learn and experience the basics of the approach. Witness how the protocol distinguishes itself from traditional energy healing methods and be amazed at the incredible potential for healing and transformation that resides in the Heart—a gateway to the quantum field where all is possible.

3 days from 9 am to 6 pm

Kundalini Workshop

Discover how Kundalini and the quantum Heart field interact to help you to heal yourself and others in an accelerated way. Kundalini works at the very core of consciousness, so shifts in consciousness are apparent not only on a subtle level but also in healing your Being at all levels–emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. This workshop teaches you a revolutionary way of understanding and engaging Kundalini—using the quantum Heart field!

3 days from 9 am to 6 pm