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The Benefits

Love Energetics Healing Session

A Love Energetics® healing session follows the Love Energetics protocol, which depends on a precise sequence. Once the structural adjustments have been made to the pelvis, shoulder blades, occiput, atlas and the cervical vertebrae, the practitioner turns their attention to the centres of consciousness or the chakras. Following this, the intestines and the organs (kidneys, liver, heart, spleen, stomach, lungs and pancreas) are released and, lastly, the periphery of the body (the head, neck, trapezius, spine, back, arms and legs) is harmonized.

A Love Energetics healing session is comprehensive. It takes into account the whole of our systems and allows for a shift in consciousness. According to the many testimonials of therapists and clients, the results are more often than not remarkable.

Among the Many Benefits

  • Correction of postural problems with neither physical manipulation nor pain
  • Release of energy blockages
  • Relief or complete release from physical and emotional pain, or both
  • Decreased stress and a greater feeling of inner calm
  • Release of repressed emotions
  • Elimination of accumulated toxins in the body
  • Enhancement and acceleration of the natural self-healing process

What Can I Expect?

Healing and shifts in consciousness that occur during and after a Love Energetics treatment manifest at different levels—physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual—and sometimes all levels at once. This is one of the major benefits of the quantum dimension of the Love Energetics technique. It is a holistic approach that affects all levels of being. 

Observed changes vary from one person to another, from one treatment to another and from one therapist to another. As such, each session is unique and changes correspond to the differences in our experiences. What remains stable in a Love Energetics treatment is how change is produced through a quantum non-vibratory process and symptoms are released according to the healing process shown in the diagram in the next section.

After a treatment, each person accesses a new state of consciousness that manifests itself in a new reality which is felt in the body, emotionally or through a belief system and will show itself in the short or medium term by way of new perspectives on relationships, improvements in symptoms, increased emotional calmness and more. 

Integration is easy and deep as well as permanent but takes time, despite the fact that change is almost instantaneous at the energetic level. The degree of change after each treatment always depends on the person’s ability to integrate shifts in energy, so the healing process respects the natural rhythm of each person’s way of processing change.

What About My Symptoms?

The goal of Love Energetics therapy is to generate a shift in consciousness, sometimes very quickly and sometimes more slowly, in order to facilitate the progressive release of the client’s symptoms. However, the practitioner does not focus directly on the symptoms but scrupulously adheres to the sequence laid out in the Love Energetics protocol throughout the session. 

The rate by which the symptoms will progressively release or subside during the therapy is unique to each person, however the evolution of the symptoms will always follow the curve shown in the graph below, noting that the quantum nature of Love Energetics therapy is an accelerating factor in the healing process.

Nothing can replace experimenting with different options as everyone’s needs can be very different. An initial treatment is a good indicator to see if you should continue with the therapy. If you wish to instigate deep changes in your life or to experience profound healing, we invite you to consider receiving several treatments. In this context, regarding the frequency of healing sessions, we suggest booking a series of appointments in a relatively small timeframe, such as once a week, so that the circumstances in which you live do not slow the integration of the desired changes.